Forestry Kits

Forestry Kit: Excavator Conversion kit. AL Fabrication specializes in excavator customization for forestry application. Click Here: Download our brochure for examples of the modifications offered by AL Fabrication.  


Mill Yard Wood Slasher Projects Stationary Slashers:           Mobile Hard Wood Slashers:     

Custom Trailers

– Drill Rig Pipe Handling Trailer – Prototyping work of externally supplied designs – Final Hydraulic system design., Cylinder sizing and fabrication, Valve selection, Routing of hoses.  

Heel Booms

Official supplier of heel boom solution for Terex-FUCHS. Designed, Fabricated and Tested Supplied preliminary engineering to Terex-FUCHS for the stick boom design in the heel boom and Butt & Top application.

Pulp Trailers

Mill Yard Entry Shoots

LANDRICH Harvester

A. Landry Fabrication manufactures many parts and assembles the LANDRICH Multifunctional Track Harvester on-site. Visit:   for more detailed information about the LANDRICH Harvester.